Fuel Systems

Not too long ago, most cars used a carburetor to deliver fuel into the engine. But today, almost every car uses fuel injection. Fuel injection cleaning is now a necessary maintenance service required on todays’ cars, trucks and SUVs.saturn

When should I consider a Fuel Injection Service?

When your car is hesitating, having trouble starting, achieving poor gas mileage or operating sluggish with poor performance bring it in so our experts can determine if a Fuel Injection Service will improve its performance.

What does Fuel Injection Service do for my car?

The injectors – particularly the injector nozzles – exist in an environment where tremendous heat is generated. The burning of the fuel leaves hardened carbon deposits on piston valves and fuel injector nozzle heads that interferes with the spray pattern and flow of fuel. At K.C.A.R., we introduce a liquid cleaning agent into the injection nozzle. This dissolves the carbon deposits and restores proper fuel flow into the combustion chamber.

  • After this service your car can achieve optimum gas mileage.
  • There’s a reduction of toxic emissions.
  • Your car should give you better response and performance.
  • And your engine may last longer.

Fuel injection service, like all services performed at K.C.A.R., is advised based on manufacturer’s recommendations, or as needed based on industry standards.